Let us take care of your wireless licensing and coordination.

Short-term licensing for walkie talkies and wireless microphones

Do you have questions about PMSE licensing and coordination?  Perhaps you’re not sure which walkie talkie frequencies can be used in Holland, or how to license them in France.  Maybe you don’t have time to do your own licensing, or to make multiple payments to regulators in different countries.

Whatever your reasons for finding us, we are specialists in RF licensing.  We work daily with tours and venues and have longstanding relationships with regulators, frequency licensing bodies and clients in many countries.

Our licensing consultants can help to:

-Propose frequencies for your walkie-talkies

-Advance your frequencies and RF equipment lists

-License your frequencies and equipment

-Organise your licenses and summarise which frequencies you can use in each country

-Pay for your licenses and present you with a single bill

Wireless microphone and IEM coordination

Founded by an experienced RF engineer, our team is highly skilled in the coordination of wireless microphones and IEMs .  Most PMSE wireless equipment operates in the same part of the radio spectrum as digital TV broadcasting and some mobile phone services.  Every year, the PMSE demand for this part of the spectrum increases, while at the same time, parts of the spectrum are being sold off by the authorities.  This leaves us with less and less space to work in, as frequencies are sold to other users.  Thus, the work of RF engineers is becoming more difficult – but we still have to deliver a perfect result every time.

Advance coordination will show if there is enough available spectrum for your equipment and highlight  venues that may be problematic.  Many of our clients find this type of planning is difficult to juggle with their varied and often very demanding roles.

We dedicate our time to RF planning – providing support and freeing up your time for other tasks.   Using specialist software, we coordinate frequencies in advance to avoid intermodulation problems and in many cases, we can pass on venue-specific information.

Straightforward solutions to complex licensing needs, enabling you to comply with legal requirements and licensing regulations wherever you go.

We constantly update our extensive database, built over years in the PMSE industry.

Where cost-effective we will license the most spectrum possible, to give you maximum flexibility on the day.

Find out more about our work in this article about Adele’s tour from Sennheiser’s website.

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